#344–Russia, abortions & crossword puzzles . . .

I was going to write about Russia and how they don’t care what the world thinks about them. Invading Ukraine turned most of the world against them. They invaded another sovereign country with no provocation. They blockaded grain exports from leaving Ukraine, a country that produces much of the world’s supply. That is simply adding to the hunger crisis already existing in much of the world caused by supply chain problems caused by the pandemic. Now even more countries are going to have reason to hate Russia. The latest to anger, is the sports world. By detaining basketball star Brittney Griner, right about the time they invaded Ukraine, and putting her on trial, Russia now has the entire world angry at them. Perhaps, it isn’t so much Russia the world should be angry with but their leader—Putin. How can one man cause so much damage to humanity. Too depressing to write about Russia.

The oldest symbol of Russia superimposed on the Russian flag, which here does not show the equal-sized white stripe above the blue.

The Supreme Court ruling against Roe vs Wade is also depressing. I don’t know anyone who wants to go through an abortion, but for their particular situation, it may be the best answer. According to the folks who know, most women who seek abortions are mothers who feel they cannot take on one more child and still do a decent job raising the children they already have. I, fortunately, was never put in the situation to need an abortion. But if I had, I sure as hell would not want someone other than me and my doctor making the decision. I am not so much pro-abortion but I am absolutely, totally, pro-choice. I don’t want anyone telling me what to do with my body. That is for me to decide. It is too angering to write about all the problems the Supreme Court has unleased on our country by overturning Roe vs Wade.

The Supreme Court’s ratings are at an all time low . . . and for good reason.

We have enough to be depressed, angered and worried about with the pandemic still with us and climate change already impacting the world we know and getting worse each year. Enough!

I decided to write about something positive that I’ve been enjoying during the past couple years––crossword puzzles. I’ve been aware of them all my life and at various times tried doing one or two. But the experience was always too hard, too frustrating, and had funny words I’d never heard of. After my Dad retired, he did one every morning. He even had crossword puzzle dictionaries. It never appealed to me––until the lockdown during the early months of the pandemic.

During all my cleaning out, I found some crossword puzzle books that were a freebie from some charity I had donated to. They had large enough numbers in the corners that you could actually see. I never have trouble with the words, it’s just those damn little numbers.

Large print, especially the numbers, and relatively easy clues makes for my kind of crossword!

So, I did all of the puzzles in those two books––thoroughly enjoying them. I dug through all the old AARP magazines and did their crossword puzzles.  I tried the one printed each week in the local paper, but those itty, bitty numbers, which meant using a magnifying glass, made it too much trouble.

Having run out of puzzles, I went online and found exactly what I wanted. I checked out every one that had the following words––EASY, LARGE PRINT. As soon as I found some with good reviews, I ordered them. I ended up with three books that promised easy and had large enough print to see the numbers.

I’m half through with this one, and I have two more to go. Life is good!

They are as advertised, but I would say more moderate than easy. The easy is mixed with off-the-wall answers that make me roll my eyes. And instead of sticking to one word, sometimes the answer is two or three words. And the answer is sometimes a plural on a word that I’ve never heard of with a plural. Since I’m not up on the latest pop music or latest sit-coms on TV or the latest blockbuster at the movies, I have to look these up on my “oh-so-smart phone.” With experience, I’m learning the tricks of the trade.

I’m half way through the first book, and it has provided hours of pure relaxation and escape from the busyness of my life. I use doing a crossword as a reward when I’ve completed a task. I love it! Who knew when I used to watch my Dad doing his morning crossword that someday I would become equally consumed. It must be in the genes!

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Judy Fleagle spent 22 years teaching 1st and 2nd grades and 21 years as editor/staff writer with Oregon Coast and Northwest Travel magazines.Since 2009, she has written five books: "Crossings: McCullough's Coastal Bridges," "The Crossings Guide to Oregon's Coastal Spans," "Around Florence," "Devil Cat and Other Colorful Animals I Have Known," and "The Oregon Coast Guide to the UNEXPECTED!!!."
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