#301–Cruising the coast with Teeta in a Tesla . . .

Teeta had a new Tesla and wanted to drive it. So, she picked me up, and I played tour guide for the northern half of the Oregon coast while she drove.

Teeta’s new Tesla was too smart for me.

We planned the trip months ago and I made reservations in March because I know how slammed with tourists the Oregon coast is in July. I made reservations at places I either wanted to stay in or wanted to return to.

Trip to Astoria

We left Monday morning, and Teeta enjoyed the ocean views between Florence and Yachats. We stopped for coffee in Waldport.

The Grandview B&B was charming and delightful.

When we got to Lincoln City, we stopped at Volta Gallery because Teeta loves blown glass and that’s what they specialize in. And she did find something she wanted. Then we visited the glass blowing studio across the highway. More glass to oogle as well as watching the glass blowers.

We could have stopped at a dozen places to eat lunch with an ocean view before Lincoln City, but we weren’t hungry then. We went over to the ocean at Pacific City looking for a place to park with a view of the ocean but no luck. And we needed to make sure we could get to Astoria where Teeta planned to charge her car. So, we headed back to 101. We ate while we drove on to Astoria.


We found the Grandview B&B, which is an historic Victorian with friendly ladies managing it where we had reservations for two nights. It was not elegant, but charming and delightful. And eating breakfast in the only bullet turret in Astoria was a special treat. The breakfasts were very good, and we enjoyed our room. I had always wanted to stay in one of the historic Victorian B&Bs in Astoria; now I can cross that off my bucket list.

One morning, we had breakfast n the special bullet turret.

We found a place to charge the car across from the Fort Henry Brewery, pub, and bakery. We also found an angel who came from the Brew Pub, He was an older fellow, who also owned a Tesla. From his second story perch in the Brew Pub, he saw Teeta struggling with trying to figure out how to use this non-Tesla charger. He came down and helped. It was complicated, but with his help the car got charged.

We ended up having pizza and beer at the Fort Henry Brew Pub, and it was great. I enjoy beer from the tap right at the brewery. And the pizza was very good, but filling. We took half of it with us.

The next day we saw the Astoria Column, but did not climb up because there was low cloud cover and there would be no spectacular view. Then we toured the elegant Flavel House. It is just as fabulous as the last time I saw it. Then we went to the Columbia River Maritime Museum and spent a few hours there.

The fabulous Flavel House Museum.

We really scarfed down our pizza by the time we got back to the B&B. Then we talked and talked. We have been good friends for 60 years, which is very hard for us to believe, since we both feel about 40 . . . most of the time.

That night, we had no reservations and found that our first two choices were filled up or taking no walk-ins. We luckily stumbled upon Fulio’s Pastaria and a table was available. It was a fabulous Italian meal. We had really lucked out.

Off to Cape Foulweather and the Inn at Otter Crest

We stopped in Seaside at the Outlet Stores where we found Tesla superchargers. You can do major charging in much less time on these. While the car charged, we shopped. Of course, we did. It’s one Outlet Store after another. Who can resist!

Then we toured Seaside and Teeta enjoyed seeing the quaint cottages and brilliance of the flowers in the many flowerboxes. We also stopped to see the Lewis and Clark Salt Works that are on a side street—no longer on the beach. I thought we would get out and walk along the Prom, but it was too crowded.

The Lewis and Clark Salt Works in Seaside.

We cruised through the main street of Cannon Beach. There were so many people and no visible parking, so we moved on. We did check out Haystack Rock, as well as the one off Pacific City two days earlier.

Next stop, Manzanita. As soon as I saw a parking place, I said to take it. Mistake. This town was not as crowded and we walked and walked and walked and saw plenty of parking places. We looked but did not see any place to eat until finally a Mexican Café. It had very good food. Teeta also enjoyed the many flowers on our long walk back to the car.

When we got to Tillamook, Tillamook Cheese, where I wanted to stop for an ice cream cone as well as a self-guided tour, was jammed with people. So, we headed for Blue Heron French Cheese just a short distance down the road. We got lots of good cheese to take with us and some still warm small baguettes, as well as a Tillamook Ice Cream cone. And we got to see the petting animals—pea hens, chickens, a goat, an alpaca, and more. We enjoyed this stop.

Wonderful cheeses, plus Tillamook ice cream cones.

We also stopped at Bear Creek Artichokes, between Tillamook and Pacific City, and got some wine and salad to go with our cheese and baguettes for a dinner in. The Mexican food earlier had been very filling.

We arrived at the Inn at Otter Crest by taking the northern route. We took the single lane around Cape Foulweather and Teeta, as well as her car wondered if I knew where I was directing them. Just when I was beginning to wonder myself, the Inn appeared.

I had stayed at Otter Crest about 25 years ago with a group from Oregon Coast magazine. I loved it, and always wanted to come back. Beautifully landscaped grounds, fabulous views from the rooms, and a special tram to take you to your room were just as I remembered. The Inn is composed of 24 buildings on a slope overlooking the ocean.

The Inn at Otter Crest (near the top) is located on the slope of a rugged part of the coast.

Our room did have a fabulous view and was spacious. We enjoyed staying in and having a terrific dinner of all the goodies we had accumulated.

Onward to Yachats and The Adobe Resort

We slept in and checked out at 11. Since they didn’t have breakfast at the Inn, we stopped at The Chalet in Newport. It was fabulous (and we were hungry). I had a Belgium waffle with bacon and an egg on the side. Then we toured Nye Beach, which was quite crowded just like all the other tourist hot spots.

Teeta likes beads and in Nye Beach, a sign saying BEADS caught her eye. So, we stopped at Nye Cottage Beads. What an amazing assortment for anyone into beading.  And Teeta found something she needed.

Nye Cottage Beeds has fabulous assortment.

We also cruised through the BayFront. Too crowded, so we didn’t stop. On to Yachats. We checked into the Adobe early and our room wasn’t ready, so we headed out to explore the town. We got some coffee and checked out the town and then had lunch at The Drift Inn. Always good food there. I had a hamburger and fries and couldn’t eat it all.

We headed to the Overleaf Lodge to charge the car. Then back to the Adobe where we got our key and headed to our room on the second floor. When we used the key card to open the door, imagine out surprise when we found that there were people already in the room. What a shock! We immediately closed the door. Then it opened and a woman came out and we showed her our card with that room’s number. Somebody goofed!

The Adobe Resort is right on the water.

Back to the front desk where they finally figured out how it happened. Then they started looking for a room for us. Only rooms left were two on first floor with no ocean view or one on third floor with view and king bed. We need two beds—I have restless legs and Teeta flip-flops through the night. So, we took the king room and requested a rollaway.

The rollaway was larger than most twin beds. And it turned out to be very comfortable. The room was huge, the view fantastic, and we were happy campers. Both the couple in our original room and Teeta and I in this third floor room got better rooms than we each paid for! Not a bad deal, after all.

We went to the Adobe dining room for dinner, which is one of my favorite places on the entire Oregon coast. I wasn’t real hungry, so I ordered the steamed clams that were on the “starters” part of the menu, had a cup of soup with some bread and that was it. Oh! We did share a gigantic piece of chocolate cake that was delish! Then I was full, very full! Teeta turned in early, but I sat up and watched the waves that were lit by the Adobe’s lights. The rooms are very close to the waves. It was wonderful.

Teeta at the rock shelter at Cape Perpetua.

Heading back to Florence

The next morning, we went to the lobby area and received a bag breakfast of many items that we could choose among. We went back to our room to eat and then packed up and left at check-out time. Just a few miles south of Yachats is Cape Perpetua. We turned off the highway and went up to the top of the cape and took the trail to the rock shelter. What a fabulous view and the day was gorgeous. Teeta was impressed.

We stopped to see Heceta Head Lighthouse and the Keepers House and the Cape Creek Bridge, but didn’t stay—too crowded.

We stopped in Florence and Teeta charged her car. While it charged we went up one side of Old Town and down the other. I felt just like a tourist, until I saw familiar folks. Then I knew I was home.

My Astoria refrigerator magnet to remember the trip–– Maritime Museum, the Astoria-Megler Bridge, Flavel House, and Astoria Columnm.

The takeaway: For the first time in 19 months, I went beyond Yachats or Eugene and ate in restaurants––lots of them. I also discovered that a Tesla is way too smart for me. And Teeta got to cool off from the hot weather of California, got to see the northern half of the Oregon coast, and got to drive her new Tesla. Most importantly, it was a wonderful trip for two long-time friends.

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