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#255–Dealing with the big guys . . .

Note: To buy books or cards, see menu above. I’m still dealing with the ramifications of being scammed. Since all my bank accounts––personal checking, business checking, and savings––were frozen, they reopened days later with new account numbers. Well, that means … Continue reading

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#254–Anybody can be scammed . . .

Consider this a cautionary tale of how anybody can be scammed. It came in a one-two punch, starting last February with me trying to install Microsoft Word and ending last week when I lost a hunk of money. I spent … Continue reading

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#253–Restless Legs Syndrome . . .

I can’t remember the last time I went to a concert or movie––afternoon or evening––when after awhile, one of my legs wouldn’t constantly demand that I move it. And trying to keep it moving all the time is tiring and … Continue reading

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# 252–A totally UNEXPECTED year . . .

Between the writing and marketing, the past three years were busy with my book The Oregon Coast Guide to the UNEXPECTED. This book dealt with 26 places that were so unexpected that even if I knew about them, the first … Continue reading

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