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The piles of stuff on my dining room table are my gauge of how busy I am. And it’s full. This time of year is busy, busy because of the Florence Festival of Books (FFOB) coming up in two weeks and the last of “the selling season” here on the coast. Between June and the end of September is the time to sell anything—including my books.

Here’s how this past week played out:

 I participate at the Yachats Farmers Market only for a couple of months during the summer.

I participate at the Yachats Farmers Market only for a couple of months during the summer.

Sunday, 9/6––The Yachats Farmers Market is my favorite farmers market and is where I always sell some books. This was my last time for 2015. I’ll miss the camaraderie, chatting with bridge aficionados and pet lovers that stop by, and seeing all the great dogs that accompany the visitors. I won’t miss getting up at 4:45 a.m. and hitting the road by 6:45. On this last Sunday, I also passed out posters about my Devil Cat fundraiser for the humane society and sold a few Guides to Mari’s Books.

Monday, 9/7––Besides grocery shopping and making some wonderful potato-leek soup with garden fresh potatoes and leeks, I spent a couple of hours writing a revised “history” article for the FFOB insert that will be in the September 23 issue of the Siuslaw News and will be our program at the book fair. In the article, I traced the history of the event and showed how it has evolved since it began in 2011. Then I spent time with phone calls and emails on FFOB stuff, which I do to some extent every day in August and September.

Tuesday, 9/8––Prep for FFOB meeting. As Secretary, I make sure to have extra copies of the agenda and last week’s minutes available, copies of newspaper ads and press releases run this past week, everything I’m to report on ready to go, paper for taking minutes, and the timer. During September, we meet every Tuesday. After the meeting, I met with a few members on some specific items. After arriving home and taking a break and spending some time playing with Sir Groucho, I typed up the minutes. It always takes me a couple of hours; we cover so much in each meeting. Then I email them to the co-chairs to check over before emailing to the rest of the committee.

Kelsy and Gus, the cat that charmed us all.

Kelsy and Gus, the cat that charmed us all.

Wednesday, 9/9––After receiving feedback from one co-chair, I sent out the minutes. And I emailed committee members involved in various parts of the newspaper insert. It’s due at the newspaper 9/10. I’m in charge of it overall, but five of us have various segments to turn in.

I spent from noon to 4:15 at the museum as a docent. I always enjoy visiting with my two fellow docents and taking visitors on tours through the museum.

From 5:30–6:30 p.m., I attended a special meeting at City Hall regarding the cathodic protection and other improvements to the bridge that will be occurring during the next three years, March 2016–February 2019. The original plan was to build a work bridge that would involve driving piling, and that will not be happening. All work will take place from a barge held in place with “spuds” (legs that sit on the bottom.) As the “bridge lady” I was invited. I had a chance to reconnect with Julie Fischer, ODOT’s Public Involvement person, who picked my brain last year and had me edit her handouts before the November 2014 meeting, which I was unable to attend. And I got to visit with Nate Neal who gave me a Siuslaw Bridge tour back in 2010 when the bridge was being worked on and let me explore inside one of the bascule piers. I was writing Crossings then. His name is referenced at least three times in the book; I got to share it with him after the meeting.

Gus stole the show. He is a great ambassador for the FAHS, and he is available for adoption.

Gus stole the show. He is a great ambassador for the FAHS, and he is available for adoption.

Thursday, 9/10––I prepared for my Devil Cat presentation in the morning. I arrived at the library at 1 p.m. to set up for the PowerPoint presentation, which will be a fundraiser for the Florence Area Humane Society (FAHS). I started greeting people about 1:40 p.m. A few minutes later, Kelsy from FAHS arrived with Gus on a leash. Gus, a 20-pound cat with lots of curiosity and no fear of people, charmed us all. What a great ambassador for FAHS! And he is available for adoption. After Kevin Mittge, introduced me to the audience of about 20, I introduced Kelsy and Gus. Kelsy spoke about FAHS as Gus lead her around the Bromley Room. Then they left, the lights dimmed, and I did my presentation. It went smoothly, the audience was attentive and laughed in all the right places, and afterwards nearly everyone bought a book. It was very successful.

Kevin introduced me to the audience at my Devil Cat presentation at the library, which was a fundraiser for the FAHS..

Kevin introduced me to the audience at my Devil Cat presentation at the library, which was a fundraiser for the FAHS..

Friday, 9/11––I heard from the newspaper editor that everything came in on time in order to put together the FFOB insert. Whew! One less thing to worry about.

I received an email from the Tillamook County Library for five books. I was thrilled. They were the only library on the Oregon coast to have no copies of Crossings, and now they will have more than any other library. Go figure! I wrapped up the box of books.

I went into town to pick up flyers and posters for FFOB that were hot off the press. After delivering some to the library and the FEC, I took the rest home. I made calls for a trip down the coast to Bandon to deliver books at the new Coos History Museum and to distribute FFOB flyers and posters to bookstores, visitor centers, and libraries between North Bend and Bandon. I also called the Port Orford Public Library and wrapped a package of flyers and posters for the four libraries between Langlois and Brookings, which Port Orford will distribute.

Saturday, 9/12––I wrote a letter regarding the flyers and posters. Addressed 25 envelopes and filled each with the letter, several flyers, and a couple of posters before sealing. Then I stopped by the post office and mailed the books to the Tillamook Library (that also included flyers and posters), the package to Port Orford, and the 25 envelopes to libraries and bookstores throughout western Oregon.

I left the post office with an audiobook, lunch, and water bottle and headed south. I stopped at the Information Center, the library, and Books by the Bay in North Bend; the Coos History Museum, the library, and the Visitor Information Center in Coos Bay; and WinterRiver Books and the library in Bandon. When I arrived home about 6 p.m., I took a long nap.

This next week will not be nearly so busy, but I will head up the coast as far as Lincoln City one day distributing flyers and posters for FFOB after calling ahead to see if anyone needs any more books.

Sometimes wearing more than one hat can keep you really busy!

Note: Mark your calendars for FFOB events September 25 and 26. Check the website for details www.florencefestivalofbooks.org.

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