#180–Yachats Farmers Market revisited . . .

There were fresh carrots, greens, rhubarb, blueberries, and many more fruits and veggies marvelously displayed at booths spread throughout the market. There were several booths of jams and jellies, one of smoked cheeses, one of fudge, and a popular one with a variety of hot soups. There was a booth of free-range meats, a couple with flowering plants, and a few with healthy skin products. There were booths showing artistic skills such as color photographs, pottery, jewelry, and felted purses and hats. And there was one booth of books . . .

The Yachts Farmers Market is at The Commons and is open between May and October. I participate only during  July and August.

The Yachts Farmers Market is at The Commons and is open between May and October. I participate only during July and August.

Welcome to the Yachats Farmers Market held every Sunday in Yachats 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. I was there last year on the 4th of July and every Sunday throughout July and August. This year I was there again for the 4th and the first Sunday in July and plan to be there for all the Sundays between now and the end of August. It’s déjà vu all over again. Totally incorrect usage, but I love to say it!

On the 4th, the Farmers Market was not the only show in town. It competed with the Lions Club Pancake Breakfast, the la de da Parade, and the Ladies Club Pie Social. Many people came to town for one or more of these events, and the locals were out in force in crazy costumes and many had their dogs alongside.

Last year the parade went right through the market, and we got to see it. Not so this year. It bypassed us. It’s always great fun and I was sorry to miss it. Since we didn’t close up shop until 4 p.m. on Saturday, many folks stopped by after the parade.

On Sunday, the market stuck to its regular time, closing at 2 p.m. It was basically the same booths with not quite as many people as on the holiday, but the ones that were there came specifically for the farmers market.

This white standard poodle had only three legs, but regal bearing. Here the poodle is  rising to walk around.

This white standard poodle had only three legs, but regal bearing. Here the poodle is rising to walk around.

Did I mention the dogs. I saw more poodles, of all sizes, and golden retrievers than other breeds. I saw three great danes together as a group and three basset hounds also together. What a sight!. I was most taken, though, with a beautiful white standard poodle that only had three legs, but walked with all the bearing of royalty.

On both days many people looked at my books, a few bought some, some promised to in the future, and several stopped to say they already had my bridge books. I saw a few folks I knew, and I became involved in some great conversations with other bridge aficionados. I enjoyed myself.

Several folks were from the valley, where the temps were sizzling. They had come to the coast to cool off and they did. Yachats was at the edge of the fog and breezy both days. Saturday had more sun and was warmer. Sunday was mostly in the fog and became quite windy. It was a good test of my canopy.

Hee I am with my books on display on Saturday.

Hee I am with my books  on Saturday. The dark shape below the banner is the trunk of a tree that I’m located under.

My new location is in the shade of a tree, so even though Saturday was warm, I was cool. I kept walking a few steps from my booth to be in the sun to warm up. On Sunday, I put on my jacket when the wind picked up and kept walking longer and longer distances away from my booth to keep warm. It was hard to believe that most of the country was sizzling.

My canopy, which was new last year, was not as tall as I wished. So I solved that problem by buying four concrete blocks. I sat them on their sides and placed them under the legs of the canopy. They served two purposes. The blocks being heavy helped anchor the canopy as well as adding about eight inches in height. The canopy standing on top of and tethered to the concrete blocks withstood Sunday’s winds just fine. I also had the water jugs that I used last year.

Here is my canopy on Sunday. Notice the concrete blocks and water bottles anchoring it against the wind and the second panel offering more protection.

Here is my canopy on Sunday. Notice the concrete blocks and water bottles anchoring it against the wind and the second panel offering more protection.

When I bought the canopy, I also bought two side panels. Each one wraps around two sides. On Saturday, I put up one. It did a good job of blocking the breeze while I was standing, but when I sat, I was mostly below the panel and had no protection from the breeze.

On Sunday, I put the second panel below the first one. Then when I sat, I was protected from the breeze, which turned into a wind as the day wore on. I was very glad I used the panels. I hadn’t used them before.

Each day, I was up by 4:45 a.m. and gone by 7 a.m. That way I could be in Yachats and set up by 8:30 a.m. The market opens at 9 a.m, but folks show up early. It also gave me time to check out the other booths and use the restroom before the official opening time.

I wasn’t sure I could handle the set-up, manning the booth for several hours, and then breaking everything down and loading it back in the car all by myself. I’m only back about 60% energywise. This past weekend was a test.

Carole has been a tremendous help!

Carole has been a tremendous help!

Carole, the wonderful gal who rents my downstairs apartment, followed me up to Yachats both days and helped me set up. Then on Sunday, she was there my last hour and helped me break down and load up. It was great having help. But I discovered I probably could handle it by myself. Besides, the folks in the booths around me were very helpful. And all the rest of the weekends will be just one day––not both days. I didn’t get tired either day–– until I got home. Then I crashed, taking a nap each day.

I’m getting back into the groove in more ways than one. On Sunday before leaving Yachats, I stopped at Mari’s bookstore and dropped off books that they had requested and also stopped at Cape Perpetua to deliver books that they had also requested. So for the whole weekend, I sold 35 books.

Today, Tuesday, I called all the venues that carry my bridge books between Tillamook and the Long Beach Peninsula and let them know that I will be stopping by on Thursday or Friday of this week. If they need either or both of the bridge books, I can deliver. And I mentioned my new book. I sent a promo via email and will have the actual book for them to look at when I stop by. I want to do this before the summer gets any further along.

When calling a large group of people, you can never get through to everyone in a single day. Of the 17 places I called, I need to return calls to seven tomorrow and one on Thursday, after I’m on the road. But it is worth it. Nearly every place will want some books.

The Astoria Column has the history of the area spiraled from bottom to top. And the nearby gift shop carries my bridge books.

The Astoria Column has the history of the area spiraled from bottom to top. And the nearby gift shop carries my bridge books.

I’ll head up the coast on Thursday early and make no stops before Tillamook. Then there will be stops in Manzanita, Cannon Beach, and Seaside. I’ll hit the Astoria and Long Beach Peninsula stops on Friday and then head home late afternoon. It’s about 4 ½ hours to Astoria. I’ll spend one night. I usually stay at the Crest Motel, and they always give me a good deal.

I’ll let you know how the Astoria trip turns out in my next post.

Note: Next week I go in for my four months out PET scan. This is a biggy. I’m hoping for a clear scan. I won’t know how it turns out until the following week when I see my doctor on July 21. I’ll keep you posted on how that turns out also.

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  1. Evelyn says:

    Wow, the Yachats Farmer’s Market sure has changed since the first one. I’m glad to see it’s grown and been successful. I saw Laurel the other night; we talked about getting together with you for dinner, perhaps, when you’re in Gold Beach. Also, I’ll be there for your latest presentation! I’m delighted to hear you’re doing so well. Oh, and I can already tell you the results of your upcoming tests — you’ll pass with flying colors! See you soon.

    • The YFM is really a good place to have my books even though I don’t sell a lot. I always sell some. And people get interested and then eventually buy at least one of them. So I didn’t pass with flying colors, but I’m happy! Life is still very good!

  2. Beth Collins says:

    So happy to see that you are “back”. You haven’t wasted much time either! I’m amazed at your strength and fortitude. I miss Oregon, but feel like I’m there with you when I read your blog. What a year it has been for both of us. I ended up putting about 18,000 miles on my RV, driving from TN to Oregon to Ohio, then back to TN for Christmas. I drove down to Key West, Florida to escape TN’s worst winter in decades. From there I came up the Atlantic coastline to Hilton Head Island, SC. I’m back in Ohio now. I’m helping dad take care of mom who has congestive heart and kidney failure. I’m looking forward to getting back out on the road, but my place is for now. While I am “stationary” I hope to get more photos posted on Fine Art America so be on the lookout.

    • I’m so amazed at how far you’ve traveled since I saw you last year in Florence. I saw my doctor the other day and received the results from the PET scan. No totally clear still. In fact same as March. Since it is about 98% clear and they are not sure what the residual spots are, we are going into a “wait and see” mode. I’ll see my doctor in three months and another scan in six months. So I can continue on with my life, which is very good. I’ll look forward to your photos.

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